SZA – I Hate U

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SZA - I Hate U ringtone lyrics :

[Verse 1]
I be so sick of you niggas, y'all contradicting
I be so bored with myself, can you come and fuck me?
I feel so ordinary, sad when you around me
Treat me like corduroy, wear me out
Arguments, you air me out
Tripping 'bout your whereabouts
I can't keep no conflict with you, boy, can we just rub it out?
I don't want no static with you, you know you my plug
And I can't shake this habit, no

I've been up, baby
Heavy reminiscin'
Heavy on the missin' you
Wish shit was different than what it was
I've been up, baby
Lost in the lie of us
Lost, ain't no findin' us
I've been up, baby